Life Long Learning Resources

A growing list of resources useful for beekeepers includes involvement with local clubs & organizations. Access to books and publications and ongoing study is important in the ever-changing world of beekeeping.

If you’d like to suggest a resource, I’ll be glad to learn about it.
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Resources for Study

The art, science and practice of beekeeping involves a body of agricultural knowledge that continues to develop. People who are curious and concerned about bees find no end to the study.


  • ABC’s and XYZ’s of Beekeeping, the A.I. Root Bee Library
  • Advanced Top Bar Beekeeping: Next Steps…, by Christy Hemenway
  • Attracting Native Pollinators, a Xerces Society Guide
  • The Beekeepers Lament by Hannah Nordhaus
  • Beekeeping Basics, Penn State Coop Extension
  • Bee-Sentials by Larry Connor
  • Book of Honey by Jenni Fleetwood
  • Hive and the Honey Bee, a Dadant publication
  • HoneyBee Democracy by Thomas Seeley
  • Honey Plants by Frank Pellet
  • The Honey Trail by Grace Pundyk
  • Spoonfuls of Honey by Hattie Ellis


Organizations and Websites:

Equipment Suppliers:


Life-long learning is important to beekeeping. Besides independent study I learn by teaching and collaborating with other beekeepers.

I provide opportunities for hands-on experience in the apiaries, the honey room and workshop. Please contact me to get involved. I’d like to know about your interests in bees.

Other Mentors in the Ithaca area:

The Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club offers ongoing opportunities. Active club members provide mentorship for one another in numerous ways. The club hosts a formal mentorship program. For more specific suggestions feel free to contact me.

Join the Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club

  • Attend educational programs and discussions
  • Meet other beekeepers
  • Hands on experience in an active bee yard
  • Q&A with the Bee Club Apiary Manager

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