Local Honey from the Finger Lakes area of New York

We sell honey to people who prefer good food from their own neighborhood.

We do too. We believe our best health involves a diet of fresh local food. As with fruits and vegetables from the gardens, we enjoy eating pure raw honey year ‘round as a foundation of good health.

We’ve primarily produced honey for our family, friends and neighbors for years. We proudly offer the same quality honey to the public.

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Pure Raw Honey

Sky Barn honey is unpasteurized and kept raw to protect its nutritional and medicinal elements.

Because it is raw and natural, Sky Barn honey granulates quickly. It is unlike pasteurized honey that is heated to temperatures of 150 – 170 F. Raw honey does not remain liquefied. High temperatures destroy desirable flavors and nutritional elements of honey.

As honey granulates it ripens and mellows with age. Some cooks prefer aged honeys. To liquefy honey, place it in a warm space or water bath of no more than 120°. There are also delightful flavors in honey fresh from the hive.

Honey has many uses in the kitchen. We use plenty to sweeten herb teas. We use plenty more as a flavor enhancer for marinara and salsas, salad dressings and barbecue sauces, steamed vegetables, potatoes and the list goes on. “In a marinade it can enhance meat and poultry, and it works particularly well with nuts and fruits, cream and cheese, and herbs and spices.” -Hattie Ellis, author of Spoonfuls of Honey, a book with “over 80 recipes for meals throughout the day, snacks and drinks.”

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Fresh Local Honey, Pickup or Delivery

The Sky Barn is located at the top of the hill on Roe Road, one mile west of Highway 96B in Willseyville. The stand is open more often in the warm months. We ask customers to call ahead or email to assure that we will be available.

It is usually convenient to deliver honey to our customers in Ithaca.

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Sky Barn Apiaries Honey Stand, 321 Roe Road, Willseyville NY 13864