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Spring 2017 Swarm Report

The persistent cold and rainy spring in central NY has marginalized a lot of the field activity of the bees. Still, in between drops, there are winter survivor colonies that are making honey from a fairly abundant stream of flora. And the swarm season persists as well, the result of many genetic and biological impulses, …

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Upcoming Educational Events

Cornell University’s Master Beekeeping Certificate Program. A 15 month online study course, with final exams conducted at the lab, is offered by the Dyce Lab for Honey Bee Studies. While earning the Master Beekeeper certificate, students of this course will gain the skills needed to keep bees healthy and productive year after year. While gaining …

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A log hive in the garden

I’m gratified to know that apiculture is generally good. Here’s what I mean. Small-scale beekeeping improves gardening and farming all over the world. As a reminder there is a “Kenyan top bar hive” in the garden. These hives were developed to help Peace Corps workers teach low cost apiculture. There is also a traditional Kenyan log …

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Planting for Pollinators

Each year at Sky Barn Apiaries we seed more plants that are preferred by pollinators, not only honeybees, but all the bees, moths and butterflies, and birds. Monarda Last winter we noticed chickadees feeding on the seed heads of Monarda. In the summertime this is a long-lived flower that provides for bees, hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, …

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News and Views from the Bee Yard

A mild winter seems to be coming to an end earlier than ever. We’ve been able to see some of the bees flying recently. Sadly, but not surprisingly, we’ve also seen some silent hives with bees not flying. In December, barely a couple months after the bees were packed up for winter, I heard of …

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Winter at Sky Barn Apiaries

The Winter Solstice and Holidays have passed and the bees are tucked away to endure cold temperatures that are likely in January, February and March. They were “put to bed” ahead of schedule this year and in very good condition. All of the hives were medicated with various essential oils that show promise in helping …

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