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A log hive in the garden

I’m gratified to know that apiculture is generally good. Here’s what I mean. Small-scale beekeeping improves gardening and farming all over the world. As a reminder there is a “Kenyan top bar hive” in the garden. These hives were developed to help Peace Corps workers teach low cost apiculture. There is also a traditional Kenyan log …

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Spring Preparations

I was at the Geneva Bee Conference last weekend. It was a dense, content-rich conference, very informative. Key Speakers were Tom Seeley and Mike Palmer. Here are my take-home lessons of the day: Quiet winter clusters are preferred to active ones. With a smaller cluster that is less prone to buzzing about, energy is conserved …

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Planting for Pollinators

Each year at Sky Barn Apiaries we seed more plants that are preferred by pollinators, not only honeybees, but all the bees, moths and butterflies, and birds. Monarda Last winter we noticed chickadees feeding on the seed heads of Monarda. In the summertime this is a long-lived flower that provides for bees, hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, …

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