Asclepias Syriaca, Milkweed, named by Carl Linnaeus after Asclepias, the Greek God of Healing.

Bees are amazing and brilliant creatures

The honey they produce is as wonderful as the pollination they provide for the flowers of gardens, farm crops and woodlands.

Bees are sophisticated and intelligent beneficial insects though many of them perish in winter, a common and difficult result of contemporary disease and health issues.

Our bees receive only natural medications to help manage varroa mites, mitigate nosema disease and maintain vitality. These medications include essential oils of lavender, thyme, peppermint, wintergreen, lemon grass as well as products that deliver the relatively benign oxalic or formic acid, and Nozevit, a medicinal product that contains proprietary plant sources and is certified “organic”.

Nucleus Colonies for Sale

Spring nucs are sold out for 2017. We anticipate selling locally grown nucs in July & August.

Nucleus colonies provide beekeepers with a fresh vigorous colony with a new laying queen that is united with the bees on combs with brood and stores.

Nucleus Colonies will be available on April 15 & 16, and on May 13 – 14. These bees are a variety of cross-bred origins. They are produced by the Huff Honey Farm in central Pennsylvania.

The Huff brothers select their breeding stock from healthy overwintered northern bees that are productive with a mellow temperament and varroa resistance. Huff bees are known for their “ankle-biter behavior”.*

The nucs are shipped in nonreturnable corrugated plastic boxes.

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*note: “Ankle-biters” bite varroa mites and small hive beetles, not beekeepers.

Package Bee Sales discontinued in 2017

People who wish to buy package bees are encouraged to join the Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club to participate in an annual bulk purchase of package bees. There are a few packages still available from Hungry Bear Farms.