Pure honey from the Finger Lakes region of central New York


A few locally raised nucs are available for late season replacements and startup colonies. Please inquire if you’re interested.


Pure, raw natural honey from our bees is available at the farm. Delivery to people in the Ithaca area is also available. Please call to make arrangements.


Guided tours for beekeepers and patrons of the bees. Visit apiaries to see bees at work in the hives and fields. Tours are tailored for personal interests.


A growing bibliography of educational resources; books, links and articles for the curious and the serious are listed here. Suggestions are appreciated.

David Hopkins - Beekeeper at Sky Barn Apiaries

Hello, I’m David Hopkins, the beekeeper of the Sky Barn Apiaries. Honey provides great nutrition and has numerous medicinal uses. Pollinators are critical fellow species that provide tremendous environmental, agricultural and economic benefits. With human partners, as well as apiaries abuzz with honeybees, I produce honey for my family, friends and neighbors. We’re fortunate to have generous land-owners who provide space for our apiaries. And the ongoing support of the Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club is an important part of our business.

Life-long learning is important to good beekeeping. Honeybee biology is complex. Discoveries and new insights are constant. I enjoy teaching to learn. I mentor new beekeepers by providing opportunities for hands-on experience with access to equipment and facilities for beekeeping. If you’re interested in bees, honey and keeping bees, I’m glad you’re here.

Please check my blog to learn about my perspectives and insights, or join my mailing list. I will contact you occasionally with my musings and announcements. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions. It’s likely you’ll answer some of my questions in the process.


NEWS NOTES: The Cornell Dyce Lab of Apiculture is a growing resource for all beekeepers, and is a tremendous resource for people in central NY. The Lab has a growing list of programs including online courses like Introduction to Beekeeping and Master Beekeeper Certification Program. A Queen Rearing Workshop is scheduled for June 2017. Registration will be open soon. There is much more and it is ongoing.

Dyce Lab projects involve numerous opportunities for volunteers. A pleasant and meaningful environment for beekeepers to be involved. For more information click here

News & Views from the Apiaries

Spring 2017 Swarm Report

June 6, 2017

The persistent cold and rainy spring in central NY has marginalized a lot of the field activity of the bees. Still, … Read more

David Hopkins

Upcoming Educational Events

March 20, 2017

Cornell University’s Master Beekeeping Certificate Program. A 15 month online study course, with final exams conducted at the lab, is offered … Read more

David Hopkins

A log hive in the garden

July 7, 2016

I’m gratified to know that apiculture is generally good. Here’s what I mean. Small-scale beekeeping improves gardening and farming all over the … Read more

David Hopkins

Video : Medicine for Bees in the Kitchen Garden

May 25, 2016

Yesterday evening while picking chives for dinner I noticed, again, the beautiful symbiotic relationship we have with pollinators. This is a topic … Read more

David Hopkins

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